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Targeting Your Ideal Customer

By Sherri D. Paxton

When someone asks you who your ideal customer is I better not hear you say everyone. Slap that answer right off your lips!

If you are marketing to everyone you will get no one. Or you will get the wrong type of customer.

“What?! The wrong kind of customer, Sherri you’ve lost your mind. Every customer is great right?”

WRONG. Bad customers make for bad sales, no sales, late/no pays, difficult communications and a whole world of potential hurt.

Let’s just NOT ok?

So how do you find your ideal customer? How do you figure this out?

Well luckily for you I’ve created this handy, freaking dandy worksheet to help you figure that out. Click here to download it right now and let’s find your dream client!

So where do we start? At the beginning.

What we are going to do is get real specific. Like right up in their Kool-Aid specific.

Who is you perfect dream client? What do they look like?

Let’s think of this as a dating profile, that has a list of characteristics and likes/dislikes. Are they male or female? Age range? Are they fit and healthy? Are they ambitious? Are they good with their finances? What are their interests and hobbies? Do they like long walks off short piers?

Oh wait.

Ok maybe not THAT specific.

For consulting/coaching businesses you could ask: Do they have a job? What do they do? How much do they earn? Do they want to earn more, learn more, BE more?

For service businesses you could ask: Do they own a house? How much did they pay for it? Do they need any services like home repair, carpet cleaning, painting, yard work?

Once you have identified your target market, let’s say you are a portrait photographer who specializes in families your ideal client could look like this:

• Female, aged 24-38 who works outside the home, has a median family income of $120,000 a year, and 1-4 children.

• Lives in a single family home valued at over $350,000.

• Lives in an upscale neighborhood that’s within 20 miles of your location with a median income of over 90,000 a year.

Now that you have a very clear and concise portrait or your perfect client, how do you go about finding her? Where does she hang out? How do you get your message in front of her face?

Start with the where then work on the how. Where does she go:

• To work

• To the gym

• The Pediatrician

• The grocery store

• Shopping mall

• Nail Salon

• Hair Salon

• Home

Where does she hang out online?

• Facebook groups for moms, parents, local sales pages

• Instagram

• Twitter

• Podcasts

• TikTok

Now you work on the How.

How do I get my message in front of her face? Look at the various places that you have identified her going to. Could any of those places work with your business to help you get to your target? Things you could do:

• Ask the pediatrician/doctor office to let you put your voucher/coupons in their waiting room.

• Get with the hair salon to create a package deal or reciprocate handing out their vouchers to your customers if they will hand yours out to theirs. This is reciprocal marketing and works really well. I mean if you can’t trust your hair-dresser who can you trust?

Working with local businesses is a great way to get your message in front of your ideal date, I mean client. But be smart about it, I don’t think the local tire shop would be a great referral for a family photographer.

Or maybe it would.

Who knows?

Get creative — maybe a free tire rotation with family session could be the deal every mom has been waiting for.

Get creative, get funky, get successful.

Need help with your marketing or social media management? Contact us now.

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